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Make Your Smart Phone liquid and scratch resistant by our product SPLASH SAFE & ABRADESAFE

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ABRADE SAFE™ is a Liquid Scratch Resistant LCD Touch Coating for Mobile Phone, Tablets & Laptops.

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SPLASH SAFE™ is a super hydrophobic nanotechnology spray designed for electronic devices. SPLASH SAFE™ is a liquid spray that is intended to be used on the exterior of your devices.

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ABRADE SAFE™ & SPLASH SAFE™ is a Liquid Scratch Resistant LCD Touch Coating for Mobile Phone, Tablets & Laptops.

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About Us

GADGET COAT™ is a brand with distribution of an advanced, harmless and innovative liquid protector which provides a multi-purpose solution for your smart phones and other electronic devices.

We are continuously developing new and innovative products within the Nano coating space. The first products which we have introduced is a liquid screen protector & liquid water protector that is not only ultra scratch resistant but also anti-bacterial, anti cell phone radiation, water repellent and truly invisible.

A unique property of GADGET COAT™ liquid protectors is that they dry completely transparent. Once applied, it reveals a visible effect in which our liquid protector helps to resist scratches and the other liquid protector treats the surface so that the water and other liquid beads and roll off from it, liquids simply do not pass through this microscopic protective barrier. This is because of its super hydrophobic properties that create a tiny impermeable surface

Liquids are not limited to just water either. We have tested SPLASH SAFE™ with other liquids and chemicals such as paint, inks, milk, syrups, motor oil and others that do not pass through or breakdown this protective nano¬-barrier. We would not recommend you to get your device submerged under water for even a second. Its primary function is to protect against liquid spills, splashes & rain.

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